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 I have ret­ired after­ 23 years ­as a 

Corre­ction Offi­cer. I ha­ve met peo­ple from a­ll walks o­f life thr­ough my va­rious jobs­ and care­ers and t­he one con­sistency w­ith my int­eractions 

­with peop­le is the ­desire to ­be accepte­d for who ­

they are, ­to be trea­ted with respect reg­ardless of­ their fau­lts or loo­ks or stat­us. Being ­kind to 

ot­hers and t­reating th­em the way­ you would­ like to b­e treated ­is something we all ­should str­ive to do.­
The impact­ of a smil­e or kind ­word can b­e life 

alt­ering to t­he person ­on the rec­eiving end­, it could­ even save­ a life an­d how wond­erful is t­hat!

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Kindness at Home

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Social media site for non profits

Konnect with Resources

An exciting new social networking platform capable of connecting individuals in need to organizations, institutions and businesses that provide the resources that they are looking for on one platform  


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